Dark Souls 2 HUD to Improve Your Dark Souls Experience

This HUD mod will tide you over until Dark Souls 2 is released.

dark souls 2

Were it not for the game's PC release, Dark Souls is a game that wouldn't be counted among the mass of games that has been improved, tweaked, and given significant overhauls by the modding community. And yet, because it's out on the PC, mods like the one we are showcasing in this article are possible.

In light of the recent Dark Souls 2 information blowout, which also saw the release of lengthy gameplay videos, a Dark Souls fan named Soul_Slasher has put together a mod that replaces the heads-up display (HUD) in Dark Souls with the one in Dark Souls 2.

Essentially, the mod replaces the existing—and boring, really—interface in Dark Souls with a much cleaner, more streamlined interface.

The mod is downloadable from the Dark Souls Nexus, home to numerous other mods for the game, including the must-have "DXfix" mod which allows you to adjust the game's rendering resolution, improve the quality of the Depth of Field effect, add SSAO and SMAA, load texture mods, and more. The mod even allows you to change the game's localization so you can choose to play it in English regardless of where you live. The option is otherwise locked by Steam. If you're intent on playing the game on the PC, you'd do well to check out what else the site has to offer.