New Deathfire Development Diary Released

Role-playing game’s blog post depicts character development process

Deathfire character

For those interested in Deathfire or just the game-making process, you might want to check out this new development diary from Guido Henkel, a developer behind the new role-playing game.

The blog post goes over the character-creation process, going into great detail as to how the developers decided what course to take for players to build their avatars.

You have the typical races and classes for the base (the elf, the dwarf, the sorcerer, the scout) and choosing this gives you automatic attributes that you can then enhance with 34 character traits that range from positive to negative. You can update your character's balance and speed, but also its arachnophobia or fear of heights. 

Henkel, along with G3 Studios, decided against a re-roll mechanic that they had used in the past because they wanted to create a system that would be "fun" for typical players. They wanted to make it "interesting."

"I opted for a different approach that seemed a little more accessible to me. After all, the key to this entire project is “fun,” said Henkel. "We don’t want to typecast the game in any way. We’re not making a hardcore game or an old-school game, or a mainstream RPG or whatever other monikers are floating around. We want to make a role-playing game with depth that is fun to play. It is really as simple as that."

We will find out whether or not it will carry over in the final product when the game is released sometime in 2014.