Battlefield 3 96-Hour Double XP Event Details Revealed

Players will be able to earn double XP over a period of 4 days next month.

battlefield 3

DICE has announced a new double XP event for all Battlefield 3 players. Open to all players regardless of platform or what DLC they own, the event is set to begin on May 9, and players will be able to enjoy ranking up twice as fast. The event will run over a period of 96 hours (four days).

Here's everything you need to know about the event:

What: Double XP in Battlefield 3

Who: All Battlefield 3 players on all platforms

Criteria: Ranked servers, all maps and modes

Dates: May 9-13

Running time: 96 hours total

Start time: 02 AM PST / 09 AM UTC May 9

If you'd like to get a head start on the event, just head on over to this list of start times all over the world so you'll know precisely when to start playing.

The announcement of the event was accompanied by a cool fan-made video by Patwwa Productions. Check that out below.