Elder Scrolls Online Info Blowout From Leaked Gameplay

The upcoming mega-RPG has had some gameplay leaked.

The Elder Scrolls Online will be making its way to PCs all around the globe at an undisclosed time later this year. Since the game's release is growing ever closer, reveals like today's leak of Elder Scrolls Online gameplay will be rising in numbers.

The gameplay shown here seems to be somewhat lackluster for an Elder Scrolls title. Many are debating whether or not this is representative of what the actual game will look like. Some say it lost a lot of quality because of compression caused by its upload to Youtube, and others think that the player is intentionally trying to make the game look bad.

We watched the video ourselves, and here are some of the observations we made:

  • Character creation is pretty standard, if extensive.
  • Hammerfell is a starting zone for Red Guard characters.
  • Sneaking and stealth are available from the start.
  • Graphics do look to be a bit bland, though this is an early version of the game.
  • Sprinting is present, along with an energy bar.
  • The world is extremely detailed, with everything from sprawling cities to miscellanious objects.
  • Combat seems repetitive, but that's another given with most MMORPGs.
  • Combat also looks like it might have some sort of elemental structure; the player did more damage to wolves than he did to Mudcrabs with fire-based attacks.
  • The first quest the player engaged in was a standard "Go here, get this," style quest.

The video paints a very primitive picture of the game. However, it goes without saying that this is one of the first pieces of real media we have seen from the game. This is not really a fair first impression, but then again, we had to see it sometime.