World of Warcraft Brawler’s Guild Gets Challenge Cards in Patch 5.3

A new system of challenge cards is coming to World of Warcraft.

Brawler's Guild

For World of Warcraft's upcoming 5.3 update, Blizzard has promised to bring a host of new content to the game's Brawler's Guild. The update adds twelve new bosses, a Challenge Card system, and a streamlined encounter system.

The Brawler's Guild is a feature that was added in 5.1, designed to provide players with solo challenges that test their DPS and situational awareness. Armed with special abilities, players do battle against a wide variety of bosses and gain ranks within the Guild, earning titles and vanity item as prizes for completing these challenges. Players can even spectate as their friends do battle against these bosses.

The new Challenge Card system provides players with a deck that can be used at any time. Using it will whisk them away to the Brawler's Guild where they can participate in battles. Effectively, the system removes the need to proceed to the guild on foot. Players can purchase boss cards from NPCs to challenge them at any point.

Finally, high-ranking members of the guild can now visit a VIP lounge. Blizzard says that the Horde's lounge can be found aboard a zeppelin airship, while Alliance players are free to visit a roped-off room in Bizmo's Brawlpub. It's unknown what sort of refreshments and activities these new locations will provide, but they promise to be rewarding.