Capcom Accidentally Reveals The Release Date For Ace Attorney 5

In Japan at least.

For those who haven't heard, the 5th main installment of the Gyakuten Saiban series, otherwise known as Ace Attorney here in America, is coming to the 3DS. That much has been known for some time now, though what has remained a mystery has been its release date, other than "later this year."

But Siliconera reports that we finally have a date: July 25. Yet it would appear that the reveal was a total mistake; the date was listed in a post for an upcoming Q&A that is to take place on Nico Nico. One that has since been deleted, though Siliconera was able to take a screen capture before it disappeared.

No word yet on a Western release, but the game’s publisher has stated in the past that they are definitely interested in localizing it. Still, such things are never a guarantee, especially since we’re talking about Capcom. Remember the Mega Man Legends 3 debacle? At a certain point, it too was a sure thing as well.

A bit about the game: Ace Attorney 5 sees the triumphant return of Phoenix Wright as the series lead. Sorry fans of Apollo Justice, though he does have a role in the new game, albeit all bandaged up, the details of which is a mystery. The same goes for plot details as a whole, but what is known is the brand new, emotion sensing system.

No doubt, Ace’s new assistant, a girl that can read people’s hearts, is connected to all this.

Ace Attorney 5 is scheduled for the 3DS, though it won’t be Ace’s first appearance for the system. He’s already been in Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, which came out in Japan late last year. Still no word on whether that game will ever come to the States (hence why so many are still skeptical of 5’s pending arrival).