Starbucks Is Giving Away Angry Birds: Star Wars

Not only do you not have to pay to play the game, you don’t even have to buy a cup of coffee.

Does this sound like you: the idea of Angry Birds being meshed together with Star Wars certainly sounds interesting, but not enough to actually spend money on the game to find out how good it actually is. Despite the fact that the game is only a dollar.

Well you're in the luck. At the moment, Starbuck is giving away copies of Angry Birds: Star Wars. It's apparently the most recent App of the Week. Simply head on over to your local Starbuck (depending on where you live, there might be seven or eight, just around the corner) and simply pick up the free card that has a code printed on.

Or, if you're both cheap and lazy, you can simply fire up the free Starbuck app as Joystiq suggests. With it, one can directly download the app with zero fuss or muss. Presumably. As of this writing, such functionality is not working.

When attempting to cash in, the apps give out a "It's taking a moment to download your message. Please try again in a few minutes." Apparently, this method for nabbing a copy has clearly been making the rounds.