Duke Nukem Forever Gets Worst Game Of 2012 Honor In Japan

And it actually sounds worse than what we got.

We're a quarter of the way into 2013 and we have one last games of 2012 list to address (presumably, hopefully). Not only that, but the top honor for this particular rundown is actually a game from 2011.

Kotaku reports that Duke Nukem Forever has just been cited as the worst game of last year in Japan. To be more precise, the game ranked highest in the Kusoge of the Year Wiki for 2012, which according to Kotaku, translates to Shit Game of the Year Wiki.

To qualify, whatever game must have come out between January 1st and December 31st of that year. It's then chosen by compiling user reviews, and must have been beaten by said reviewer/submitter.

Indie games are not eligible, and handheld games have their own awards. Though the exact date is unknown, it would appear that DNF came out in the east sometime last year.

As for reasons for such a prestigious honor, they include frequent freezing, excessively long load times, poor execution of auto saving, piss poor enemy AI, and more. Basically, all the reasons why everyone hates it in America!

But there's one particular point of contention that might unique to the Japanese version. Full-disclosure: I was not able to play the game when it came out originally in its entirety, for perhaps obvious reasons. So for all I know, the following might be true to the initial release:

"The maps are unnecessarily large with no hints as to where to go or how to solve puzzles, save for a "check the web Q&A" during load screens."

One recalls the game being pretty bad, but not that bad. At any rate, one has to wonder when Alien: Colonial Marines will arrive in Japan (by Gearbox, the same makers of Duke Nukem Forever).