Battlefield 4 Gameplay Was Running at 60fps and 3K Resolution

An interview states how the footage was running, but does it matter?

Battlefield 4 screenshot

The new Frostbrite 3 engine is quite the sight. The 17 minutes of gameplay released for Battlefield 4 suggest that the new engine can support amazing graphics and, according to an interview with DICE, it is meant to be used across all platforms.

If you were living under a rock and missed in the first time, you can watch it here.

However, the engine alone could not be reason behind the high-quality graphics displayed in the demo. In that same interview with, series' executive producer Patrick Bach, and single-player producer Tobias Dahl confirmed that the footage was running at 3K resolution and 60 frames per second.

Quite impressive considering that Battlefield 3 was also a great looking game and it doesn't even come close.

Bach said Dahl was playing the game in the footage, and that he wasn't using a really high-end PC, emphasizing that the company wanted to optimize the engine for most players.

"We have good discussions with hardware manufacturers about how to optimize their hardware and make the most out of the Frostbite engine but again, we are at the point where that is not important anymore," Bach said. "Just the fact that nobody asked us what resolution we were running at to me is proof that it fades away–it's not important. You don't see the pixels, you look at the demo that's happening on screen."

The two also stated that the game depicted in the demo was pre-alpha, but that it was set to simulate what the actual gameplay would look like. We'll see if that actually comes to pass.