Dark Souls 2 Confirmed for PC

Game was specifically designed for PC.

Dark Souls 2

Gamekult reported today new details regarding the much-anticipated Dark Souls II, including specs for the PC version and the reveal of a completely new engine.

In a translation on NeoGaf, user "angular graphics" also states that there are no plans for next-generation consoles as they programmed a new engine from scratch, and did not want to focus on consoles whose full potential had not yet been touched.

The PC version, according to the article, will be the first game released, the opposite of its predecessor was based on consoles and ported to PC.

The article also details how the game will run on PCs. Dark Souls II runs at 60 frames per second compared to 30 frames per second on consoles. 

Finally, there seems to be no GWFL in sight, a true victory for gamers everywhere.

For more information, visit the Dark Souls II website. Also check back here for updates as they come in.