Namco Bandai Reveal New Dark Souls 2 Tailer

A new trailer explores some of Dark Souls 2’s world.

Following the release of several Dark Souls 2 screenshots yesterday Namco Bandai have today revealed a new trailer, cheerfully named 'Despair', for the hotly anticipated title.

The trailer largely features the game's protagonist in a variety of environments most of which appear to be crumbling ruins and castles, so no change there then although you also see forests, rugged seaside cliffs and tunnels. The footage also sees several swooping dragons with FromSoftware's Yui Tanimura commenting yesterday that "definitely dragons are a key element of the game that will be experienced."

In addition, the trailer has your character walking towards what appears to be a flaming carraige charging straight at you.

While a release date for the game is not yet known a number of details have emerged which you can check out here. Dark Souls 2 was initally announced at the VGAs in December of last year. If you're prepared to die have a look below.