FromSoftware Shares Dark Souls 2 Details

There be dragons.

Following the release today of ten Dark Souls 2 screenshots more information on the highly anticipated game being developed by FromSoftware has emerged.

IGN have posted two videos following an interview with FromSoftware's director Yui Tanimura and Namco Bandai's global producer Tak Miyazoe. 

"In terms of what we can tell you, a lot of the features from Dark Souls 1 will be carried over so that players can experience, and be comfortable, with being able to carry over their experience from Dark Souls 1 into Dark Souls 2," Tanimura commented, also revealling that bonfires and estus flasks will remain in the game.

"Definitely dragons are a key element to story of the game, that will be experienced," he added, referencing the high number of the winged beasts in the gameplay trailer. "One of the spiritual elements of the Dark Souls series is the way we tell stories, we want players to look at the big and small aspects of the game and create their own stories."

Tanimura added that the FromSoftware team really worked hard to bring wind into the game to afford the title with a "liveliness" which Demon Souls and Dark Souls lacked.

Two of the core concepts of the game that they wanted to maintain were the sense of accomplishment players feel for advancing and the loose connection to other players through the game's novel online features which they were "really emphasised and effectively expressed" in the development of Dark Souls 2

FromSoftware said they "really tried to absorb feedback" from players to improve "usability" with regard to the game's HUD and other features. "The underlying, base combat system will be similar to Dark Souls 1. This time we've really implemented motion capture for more natural movements and more realistic motions which will allow players to play with a more natural feel."

Tanimura would not however reveal a release date for the title.

According to the game's press release FromSoftware are "striving to make Dark Souls 2 an experience that is fresh while not forsaking its roots in presenting players with challenging gameplay" with the intention of surprising and delighting fans with new experiences and gameplay as well as compelling plot twists which they hope will combine to encourage new players to ender into the notoriously difficult francise.

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