Hitman Absolution is May’s EU Plus Instant Game

Agent 47 is sneaking onto the EU Plus service next month

Hitman Absolution, the rather excellent revival of the top stealth series, will be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers in Europe next month. It'll be added to the instant game collection on May 1st. With a Metacritic score of 83, this is another more than worthy addition to the instant game collection, and is definitely a title worth checking out.

Although usually a little early for an IGC announcement, I guess they're trying to stop people from buying it in PlayStation's current "Declassified" sale, which includes the other Hitman games for as cheap as £3.60 each.

Of course, there's still bound to be a few surprises next month. And if you just can't wait, Guacamelee is both cross-play and 20% off on plus, and Virtue's Last Reward for Vita is completely free. Hitman Absolution on PC has come down to £5 multiple times since its release late last year, although it's never before even approached that price on consoles.