Chairman of the Board Wada Told President Wada To Step Down As President Of Square Enix

"The huge loss was like a voice from the heavens telling me it’s time to move on.

Often in life we perceive things that are sometimes called signs, perhaps from above, that guide us through the journey that is called life.

These so-called signs can come in many different forms. And for Yoichi Wada, the now former president of Square Enix, it was the project loss of 13 billion yen for the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2013.

Gamasutra reports how Wada, during a Square Enix briefing session, stated:

"The huge loss was like a voice from the heavens telling me it's time to move on."


"Chairman of the Board Wada cannot allow President Wada to continue after plunging the company into a huge loss."

As also previously reported, the reigns of the company has been handed off to Yosuke Matsuda, who will be performing a fundamental review of pretty much everything relating to the company.

The new president states:

"In the light of extreme changes in the industry, we must dig in deep on what really works and what doesn't, invest a good amount of resources in areas we decide to strengthen, and thoroughly constrain the areas that we don't see working for us."

Clearly, Square Enix is in trouble. But the former regime being so up front and honest, and the new head honcho making a rather basic and sensible declaration is definitely a step forward into the right direction.

It’ll be interesting to see what comes from the company in the coming months and years. Will we get another sequel to Final Fantasy 13 or will Square Enix be brave enough to forge new territory indeed, which many have been absolutely begging for it to do, for some ages now? Time will only tell.