Pre-Order Poker Night 2, Get Poker Night 1 For Free

And even without the bonus, the game is just five bucks!

Need a reason to put money down on Telltale Games' upcoming Poker Night 2? Something other than the chance to play a game of cards with GLaDOS of Portal 2 fame, Sam of Sam & Max fame, Claptrap of Bordelands 2 fame, Brock Samson of Venture Brothers fame, AND Ash of Evil Dead fame?

How about this: if you pre-order the Steam copy of the game, you get the first Poker Night, aka Poker Night at the Inventory for absolutely free. It's also worth noting how the asking price for effectively two games is just $4.99.

Not a bad deal. It's even good enough to forget how Telltale was not able to get Bruce Campbell to do the voice of Ash! Almost.

Poker Night 2 comes out on April 23 for PC, Mac, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network, though the deal only applies to the first two platforms, and who knows if just the stand alone game will be as cheap on the consoles. This is a deal worth taking advantage of.