You Can Finally Use A PlayStation 3 Controller To Control Android Games

Just get ready for everyone asking why you’re carrying a Dual Shock with you wherever you go.

It has been asked before, but it needs to be asked again: what's the biggest complaint that virtually every smart phone gamer has voiced? Control, of course, or the lack thereof.

If tilting or swiping is involved, you might be okay, but anything that tries to emulate a traditional gaming experience, via virtual buttons, is sure to be a disappointment.

But good news, at least for those who have been eyeballing the upcoming Xperia SP mobile handset from Sony. Engadget reports that it will allow one to control PlayStation Mobile games, plus supported Android games in general, with a Dual Shock 3:

As you can see, set-up is fairly easy. Though toting a separate controller seems a bit silly and goes against the very idea of having a dedicated, all in one device, like a smart phone in the first place.

Furthermore, what if you're on a bus or subway; how are you going to prop the screen up in the first place? Could be a potential headache. Obviously such concerns are moot if the image is being mirrored on a larger screen, like your living room television set.

Back to those who prefer to play mobile games on the go; hopefully Sony will release some kind of cradle that will hold the phone in place and physically connected to the controller. It’s another piece of plastic, but the best possible solution (and if you’re willing to carry a Dual Shock around with you anyway, etc).

Engadget also believes that such functionality will eventually make its way to other Sony Xperia phones. And it probably wouldn't be all that difficult to get a Dual Shock to work on any Android phone, given that it's mostly Bluetooth being used after all.