Game Developer Magazine To Cease Publication After 19 Years

One of the most beloved video game magazines that you probably never heard of is being laid to rest.

As the saying goes, print is dead, and today comes work of yet another casualty that's related to video game. What's the latest, long running video game magazine to finally take bow? Game Developer magazine.

UBM Tech, the magazine's publisher, has revealed that the upcoming July 2013 issue will be it's final one. Not only is the physical print version being retired, but so is the digital version as well.

So those who were expecting to simply figured that the publisher was going to just save some money by also saving trees will be disappointed.

Is Game Developer magazine going away forever? Not quite; all legacy content will end up onto its sister website, in a Game Developer section on Gamasutra.

The staff of Gamaustra also had this to say:

We've made the decision to shift away from print as part of a wider strategy change in our parent company UBM Tech, which is simultaneously shifting other print publications either to digital only or to website-specific content, orienting them to help support our growing community-centric events such as Game Developers Conference. 

However, we will conduct Game Developer's major research (such as the Salary Survey) as part of Gamasutra's remit going forwards, as well as continuing to print historical and newly sourced game postmortems on Gamasutra.

While obviously never reaching the heights of popularity of other magazines, like Electronic Gaming Monthly or GamePro, Game Developer was nonetheless an indispensable tool for those in the video game industry, plus those looking to become part of it. The magazine will definitely be missed.