Minecraft Horses Teased by Mojang Lead Dev

Giddy-up! Horses will soon be added to Minecraft.

Horses will be making their way into Minecraft. This much is known. The developers of Minecraft teased the feature during the game's 10 millionth sales milestone last week.

Where as the previous 'announcement' was little more than a tease of the upcoming feature, Jens Bergensten has released an official image of the mount on his Instagram account.

Minecraft mounts

Seen below, the image depicts a Minecraft character riding a brown-colored horse. It's unknown whether brown will be the only color, or if there will be other types of horses like mustangs and such. It's also unknown whether players will be able to breed horses just as they do with wolves and other animals in the game, but there's a good chance that players will be able to do so upon the release of the new feature, if not later.

The mounts are expected to be added into Minecraft in the upcoming 1.6 patch, which is due for release within the next few weeks.