Rumor: Battlefield 4 to Feature ‘Road to Jalalabad’ Map

A popular map from Battlefield 2 may be making its way to the next game in the franchise.

Amidst the whirlwind of news pertinent to Battlefield 4, it's easy to forget some of the smaller bits of information that make themselves known. One of these rumors is that a popular map from Battlefield 2 will be making its way to the next iteration in the series.

According to an anonymous tipster, BF4Central reports that this map is the classic 'Road to Jalalabad.' This is what the map from Battlefield 2 looked like, though this is obviously subject to change… and that is even if this rumor proves to be true.

The original version of this map came free as a part of Patch 1.4 in 2007. It's popularity grew due to its ability to cater to nearly every playstyle. Snipers had large swaths of desert to scout, assault-oriented soldiers had close-combat in the city and SMG-wielding ghosts used those same tight corridors to hunt their prey in the dark. This set of conditions created a level playing field for competitive gaming as well, and served as an example to other games attempting to do the same thing.

While this information would certainly still be in the planning process, one thing is for certain: DICE and Activision have a knack for revisiting old content. Various other entries into the Battlefield franchise have seen maps from their predecessors, and we're expecting that number four will be no different. Whether older maps come in the form of 'Road to Jalalabad' or something else, it's a safe bet that gamers will see some form of revamped downloadable content.