Mewtwo-like Pokemon Revealed

It appears that the newest Pokemon bears a striking resemblance to Mewtwo.

Pokemon fans around the world have maintained their love and tenacity for the franchise. As the hype builds for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, there are sure to be many announcements bridging the gap between now and the game's release in October later this year.

One such announcement is that the new X and Y entries into the series will feature a Mewtwo-like Pokemon, who not only looks like the legendary creature, but also utilizes abilities akin to it. It has been noted that the Pokemon may even feature a connection with Mewtwo, but information past that is scarce.

What we do know is that this is no small move for the franchise. The game's developer, Game Freak, must have a lot of confidence in X and Y if they are willing to put Mewtwo's name next to anything. A large portion of Pokemon fans remain ardent in their beliefs that the first-generation of games in the series are still the best, and it just so happens that Mewtwo lead the charge.

Mewtwo was arguably part of the reason behind both the games' and the movies' success. It's obvious that there was a winning formula in the first generation of games, as they remain the most popular Pokemon material ever released. The generation of games has sold 23.64 million copies to date, with the Second Generation coming in at a respectable 23.00 million.

Pokemon: The First Movie is the most successful movie as well, grossing $163.6 million USD worldwide. If you didn't cry when Pikachu and all the other Pokemon did, you're just wrong.