Fuse Won’t Have an Online Pass or Microtransactions

Published by EA, but with no online pass in sight.

Insomniac Games has published an FAQ about its upcoming game Fuse. The FAQ aims to answer some of the frequent questions people asked during a livestream in which representatives demonstrated a level from the game. One particularly interesting piece of information is confirmation from Insomniac that the game won't have an online pass, despite the fact that it's being published by EA. While players won't be forced in this way to buy a new copy of the game if they want to play online, Insomniac obviously hopes they'll say no to second hand anyway, especially because the game also won't have any microtransactions to provide the creators with some extra income.

Other answers elaborate a little further on the multiplayer aspects of the game. For instance, co-op will be drop-in/drop-out, with no reloading “or any mess like that”. All you have to do is set the game to allow friends to join you when you start it up (an option you can presumably turn off if you want to go solo), and they'll be able to jump in and take control over one of the other characters from the AI at any time. Insomniac also talks about a “co-petitive” mode called Echelon, in which players team up against waves of enemies but can compete to get the most money, which will fall from the sky in bags.

Again, Insomniac wants to reassure fans that despite the change from Overstrike, Fuse will still be more than just a dull shooter. The humour might be “dryer” and “more sophisticated”, but it'll still have an “Insomniac vibe”. And the team has focused on infusing the game with more colour.

Fuse is due to launch for PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 28. Is it colourful enough for you?