Your First Look At Persona 3 The Movie

Well, it looks pretty at least.

As previously reported, there's a big screen adaptation of Persona 3 on the way, in the form of an anime. The first teaser has just been released. Take a look:

And as one can see, it looks very much like the animated cut scenes of the source material and appears to be playing it safe. Generally speaking, that's a good thing, but ask anyone who has seen the televised Persona 4 series will feel otherwise.

It too stuck extremely close to the source material, which was its biggest hindrance. The end result was an extremely by the numbers adaptation that was dreadfully boring. And this is coming from a hardcore P4 fanboy.

At least the Persona 4 TV show was far better than the previous Persona anime, Trinity Soul. That program had a host of problems by itself, and whose only saving grace was the odd and frankly strained connection to Persona 3.

Hopefully the P3 movie, which has the subtitle of #1 Spring of Earth (meaning that there might be others down the road), will try to stretch its neck out and try to be a tad bit daring. Though most of us are not holding our breaths.

On the plus side, the animation quality looks absolutely top notch. Try comparing the video above to the original game's cut scene that it is based upon. It's a vast improvement.

Persona is Atlus's biggest cash cow at the moment, and it's somewhat understandable that they're being so conservative. Here's hoping that they eventually try to do adaptions to Persona 2, or better yet, the MegaTen games proper.