Warner Bros. Interactive Employee Leaks Full Injustice Roster On Twitter

The tweet is gone, but you know how the internet works.

The studio that gave the world Mortal Kombat will soon be releasing their follow-up, a game that stars the heroes and villains of DC Comics. This of course is their second stab at such thing (sorry for reminding everyone of the existence of Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe).

At any rate, will you have to wait until Injustice: God Among Us is finally out (April 16th) to know what the entire roster is? Nope. Thanks to Brandon Alexander, an employee at Warner Bros. Interactive, who tweeted the screenshot above. Perhaps mistakenly; according to Original Gamer, the tweet has since been deleted. 

Oops. But as we all pretty much know already, nothing is truly gone from the internet. At any rate, we know everyone on both the good side and the bad side. Though people out there who aren't familiar with the entire DC universe will no doubt wonder who the hell that guy is, and that other guy is.

Speaking as someone who is a Marvel Comics guy, I'm in the same boat, though that's what the story mode is for, which will hopefully introduce and detail every character, just as Netherrealm's previous game, the Mortal Kombat reboot.

Meanwhile, those who are familiar with the world of DC Comics are already wondering where certain key characters are. Darkseid is the one name that is brought up the most. Perhaps he'll join the fun as a DLC combatant? Or maybe he's an end boss, just like he was in the aforementioned MK Vs. DC?