Black Ops 2: Uprising Screenshot Comparisons of Studio vs Firing Range

Take a look at the differences and similarities between the two maps.

black ops 2 uprising dlc

Black Ops 2's latest map pack, Uprising, is set to feature a map called Studio, which just so happens to be a reworking of the Firing Range multiplayer map from the first Black Ops.

The new map takes place in a movie studio in Hollywood that's been turned into a war zone. Cameras, sets, and a variety of movie props can be found throughout the entire map, including a large dinosaur. Dinosaurs may never truly make their way into Call of Duty, so this might be as close as we'll ever come to seeing a dinosaur in the series.

The gallery was put together by folks at the community-run Call of Duty Wiki, who've done a great work collating and assimilating all of the available information about Black Ops 2 and its upcoming Uprising DLC since word of its existence had first leaked weeks ago.

The Uprising map pack is set for release on April 16, available first to owners of the game on the Xbox 360, and to be followed shortly thereafter on the PC and PlayStation 3.