Medieval 2 Developer Sega Australia Closing Down

The London 2012 maker will be gone before the end of the year.

Sega Australia, formerly known as Crative Assembly Australia, is set to close later this year Kotaku have reported.

The Medieval II: Total War developer's latest game was London 2012 before which they worked on a variety of Creative Assembly projects inclusing Stormrise. News of closure comes just over a year since Sega Studios Australia, the developer's official title, was re-organised leading to half of the outfit's staff being let go.

The restructuring was intended to refocus the studio's efforts on digital titles.

At the time Sega said "The rise of digital gaming provides an opportunity to align the studio with a rapidly growing market at a time when the games industry is undergoing a significant transition. To this end, we can confirm SSA has a signed a multi-produt deal focussing across the digital marketplace. We have commenced development on these titles and will announce more details in the near future."

Last year Sega shuttered their publishing operations in Europe and Australia bringing in third-party distributors. The Creative Assembly are due to release Rome 2: Total War and Total War: Arena later this year.