Thief 4 Video Explains The Importance of Shadows And Lighting

Stealth will play a major role in Thief as Eidos Montreal explains the challenges it faces to bring a true stealth game to next-gen platforms.

Eidos Montreal has revealed a new video showing some behind the scenes footage of the studio hard at work on the upcoming iteration of Thief. The emphasis seems to be on taking the game to the next level while respecting the past, don't worry Thief is still going to be focused on heavy stealth mechanics as playing with shadows and lighting will play an important role in getting past guards and enemies. NPCs won't be easy to fool and the studio is working on a very complex system to detect whether the player is carefully lurking in the shadows or just attracting attention by being silly in front of the enemies which won't be in their best interests as NPCs will sweep the darkest corners, once spotted.

With a huge hit in the form of Deus Ex: HR already under their belt, the studio seems confident that they can fulfill the expectations of hardcore fans and attract a whole set of new ones with Thief. It has already been confirmed that the game will not have a multiplayer component as the studio wants to focus on a rich single player experience. Thief is currently being developed for Next-Gen consoles and the PC.