Telltale Games Drops Plans for a New King’s Quest Game

Telltale is busy with The Walking Dead: Season Two and the new Fables game.

Telltale Games has revealed that it is no longer working on a King's Quest game. The studio announced back in 2011 that it planned to make a game based on the classic series of adventure games originally created by Sierra On-Line, but those plans have collapsed thanks to limited resources. After all, Telltale is working on a second season for its award-winning episodic title The Walking Dead, as well as its new Fables game.

It doesn't look like we can hope for another studio to jump in and bring us a new King's Quest game, either. President and founder of Replay Games Paul Trowe, who is currently working on an HD remake of Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, told Digital Trends that Sierra On-Line cofounder Roberta Williams had expressed interest in working with him, but has said that the partnership is unlikely to lead to a new King's Quest. Trowe spoke to Activision, which has the rights to the franchise at the moment, but it doesn't look good:

“Then I talked to the guys at Activision and they were like, ‘No, we’re pulling it because we’re going to do it ourselves.'”

While that might sound promising, Activision is keeping quiet on the subject, and has a lot of other things on its plate. Besides, despite its pulling power I doubt there are many who would have suggested Activision as the first choice to take on the responsibility of bringing the world a new King's Quest game. If you can't wait to find out whether it'll happen, you can always play one of the quality remakes from AGD Interactive.