Remember Me Trailer Introduces Enemies Nilin Will Face

Nilin will come up against a variety of foes throughout the game.

A new trailer for Remember Me – the upcoming game from Dontnod and Capcom with a kickass female lead – shows us some of the enemies that Nilin will face throughout the game. After an intro sequence that includes – among others – an appearance from Kid Xmas, we get a closer look at several different types of more common enemies in turn.

The “Prowler Leaper” is apparently a “mutant outcast of the Neo-Paris society”. These used to be human beings, but their memories are permanently corrupted, leaving them in a horrific state. “Strangler Leapers” look similar to their prowler cousins, but are apparently vulnerable to light. No doubt that'll mean Nilin can use some sunlight or fire or something to tackle them. The “Skinner Leaper” isn't quite as pathetic-looking as the others, since its larger muscles make it “the strongest brute force of the leaper kind”.

Of course, Nilin will have more than just leapers to deal with. The “S.A.B.R.E. Force Enforcer” seems to be an actual human being – not a mutant – though it's hard to tell under all his armour. He apparently deals in “fast and non deadly intervention”, so who knows what happens if Nilin loses to him. The “S.A.B.R.E. Force Heavy Enforcer” is a big guy who boasts a spartan attack and a 3C shield (whatever that is). The “S.A.B.R.E. Force Elite Enforcer” goes one better with electric armour and “leaper control”.

Check out the trailer to find out what a Nephilim is, and to get a look at the freakish Seraphim. There are also robots more than twice Nilin's size, and a closer look at Kid Xmas and other boss types.

However, Nilin is more than capable of coping with all of these different kinds of enemies, with her superior combat skills and memory overload ability. Remember Me is due for PS3 and Xbox 360 on June 4.