Ride to Hell: Retribution Announced with Trailer

Three part game Ride to Hell announced with questionable trailer.

Dead Silver have revealed Ride to Hell, a three part game, which begins with Retribution and is being launched on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC from 25th June and have revealed a non-gameplay trailer of the title.

Ride to Hell, set in the 1960s, casts players in the role of Jake Conway, "a man with either a gun in his hand or a girl on his lap," who sets out in search of revenge on a biker gang known as The Devil's Hand, using whatever means available. 

"The main currency to pay back your dues is violence, and Jake is an ace when it comes to getting payback," the trailers says.

Set in a dingy bar the trailer sees Jake enter and systimactically kill everyone in the room even as the stripper, with whom the trailer opens, continues her poll dance. Actually no, she's tries to kill Jake with an Uzi and gets bumped off for her trouble too.

The CGI video shows Jake killing someone trying to call for help and hanging an assailant upside down at one point before setting him on fire.

Regardless, you can "Get ready to experience Two Fists, Two Wheels and No Rules" when the game is released which is described as a "one-of-a-kind rock and roll brawler" using both "brains and brawn" to take down The Devil's Hand.

Retribution will be followed by  Ride to Hell: Route 666 and Ride to Hell: Beatdown.

Ride to Hell was initially announced all the way back in 2008 and was due to be released as an Xbox 360 exclusive in mid 2009.

Watch the trailer below but be warned it's not exactly safe for work.