Exclusive Legend of Zelda Wii U Info Surfaces in Swedish Magazine

A Swedish gaming magazine purports to have exclusive info about the next Legend of Zelda game.

zelda wii u leak

A Swedish gaming magazine, Level 82, has put together what appears to be an exclusive feature on the new Legend of Zelda for the Wii U—details of which have yet to be revealed anywhere else. It doesn't appear to be a late April Fool's joke, nor is it anything to laugh about as the feature graces the cover of the magazine. It might just be a very elaborate joke, so we suggest taking it with a heavy pinch of salt.

Reddit user Jejmaze has a copy of the magazine and he managed to provide a translation for it—much to everyone's disbelief of its content—detailing what may be the next Legend of Zelda title from Nintendo.

According to the magazine, the game is set to be the biggest and most expensive game Nintendo has already produced, with every single region in the game larger and more detailed than all of Ocarina of Time. A quote in the preview says something of the game's compass, which its writer found useful:

"I search my pocket for the compass. The item that previously had a pretty much useless function has become my best friend. I wouldn't survive a day without it in this enormous unforgiving world."

The magazine goes on to state that the game is set to take place before Ocarina of Time, and Link's mission to help reunite the races of Hyrule, as tensions are simmering.

The part where the whole story gets fishy is that suggests the main character can choose to play as any race you want, with each race having a different storyline and offering a different playstyle for the player to experience. According to the magazine, this allows puzzles in the dungeons to have multiple solutions.

That sounds alright, but Link has always been a Hylian and to make him any other race doesn't sound like something Nintendo might do with the story. Assuming it's real, it's an interesting direction for the studio to take.