Lackluster Tomb Raider DLC Fails To Include Single Player Content

Tomb Raider gets DLC, none of which extend the single-player campaign.

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider 2013

Ever since Tomb Raider was released, fans who've completed the game have expressed their desire—loudly, even—for more single-player content to expand upon Lara Croft's adventures beyond the island of Yamatai.

The game's developers at Crystal Dynamics, or perhaps their publishers at Square Enix, have other plans in mind for expanding the game. Instead of developing additional single-player content and emphasizing the strengths of Tomb Raider, they've decided instead to release new maps for the serviceable but not particularly special multiplayer mode that comes with the game.

Square Enix released today the 1939 map pack for Tomb Raider, which adds a pair of maps including Dogfight—a concrete bunker—and Forest Meadow, an open hunting ground.

The publisher previously released the Cave and Cliffs map pack as a timed Xbox 360 exclusive, which will soon be making its way to both the PC and PlayStation 3 in mid-April. Another multiplayer map pack, titled Shipwrecked, will make its way to all platforms this coming May.

In addition to these multiplayer maps, players can now download Hitman: Absolution themed weapons, the Scavenger Scout, and new weapons and character packs for use in multiplayer.

It's just disappointing that the publisher is doing nothing to expand upon the game's single-player experience, where Tomb Raider clearly excels.