Poker Night 2 Unlockable Items for TF2 and Borderlands 2 Revealed

Play Poker Night 2 and win a bunch of stuff.

Borderlands 2, TF2 items in Poker Night 2

Telltale Games' sequel to Poker Night at the Inventory is official. It was leaked ahead of schedule a couple of days ago when Microsoft accidentally revealed screenshots of the game ahead of its announcement.

In any case, it's called Poker Night 2 and like the first game, it'll offer players with unique items to use in Team Fortress 2. Joining TF2 this time around is Borderlands 2. If you own either of those games, you can unlock unique goodies to deck out your characters with.

For Team Fortress 2, players will be able to unlock the Necronomicrown from Evil Dead, the Long Fall Loafers from Portal 2, the Bloodhound from Sam & Max, the Samson Skewer from Venture Bros, and the Dapper Disguise—a Handsome Jack face mask.

If you own Borderlands 2, you can unlock the Poker Visor for the Siren, the Max Mask for the Mechromancer, Brock Samson's hair for the Gunzerker, and the Evil Ash Head for the Commando. The Assassin gets a Portal-themed skin that makes him look a lot like GlaDOS.

To unlock these items, you'll just need to beat each of the four main characters in Poker Night 2 and they'll be available to you automatically in the other games.