Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia Merge

As part of a cost cutting restructuring Sony has fused two of its divisions.

Sony Computer Entertainment, the section of Sony responsible for PlayStation platforms, have announced the merger of the company's Japanese and Asian divisions.

The fusing of the two operations will result in SCE Japan President Hiroshi Kawano taking over responsibilities for the joint group with SCE Asia president Hiroyki Oda assuming the second in command spot. 

Non-gaming divisions including marketing and finance will also merge. 

The restructuring comes as part of Sony CEO Kaz Hirai's ongoing efforts to turn the company around after a string of losses and continuing weak demand in the important TV sector.

When Hirai assumed the position of CEO – having previously been head of Sony Computer Entertainment – he said he wanted the company to claim "the number one position in digital imaging and gaming."

Hirai's focus on the PlayStation business seems to working, at least for now.

Following the PlayStation 4's announcement the firm's share price rose by 11% while Japan's largest brokerage, Daiwa Securities, raised the company's shares from 'neutral' to 'buy'.

Sony have also sold their New York and Tokyo headquarters for a combined price of $2.3 billion. These changes are expected to return the company to profitability during the next financial year, which begins October 1st. 

Sony Computer Entertainment has consistently been one of Sony's best performing divisions over the past several years.