Celebrate Easter With This Skyrim Easter Egg Mod

More eggs than you can shake a stick at.

skyrim easter egg

Happy Easter!

If you're playing Skyrim on this easter sunday, there's a mod that'll fit right into the game by sprucing it up with some easter cheer.

It's the "Ova the Rainbow" mod by verteiron and it involves the search for a missing man which turns into a psychedelic egg hunt unlike anything you've seen before.

What does it do? Well, it adds a whole bunch of colorful, hand-painted eggs hidden all over Skyrim's cities and wilderness. They're dynamically placed, so you won't find the same egg in the same place twice, and the hunt can go on for as long as you like.

Each egg you find produces a unique, psychedelic experience when used. Some grant you powerful abilities, but at a cost.

To start the mod, just download it from the Skyrim Nexus. Once installed, head on over to the tent just south of whiterun and speak to Tsajami, whose friend has gone missing. WHen you find him, the hunt will begin.

Be sure to pay attention to your quest log for some tips.