Grand Theft Auto V Box Art Revealed… Partially

A mural in Manhattan will reveal Grand Theft Auto 5’s box art.

gta 5 mural

Grand Theft Auto V has had a long and troubled history, and the game’s not even out yet. Gamers everywhere are getting anxious for the franchise’s fifth entry, and some jokingly question if the game will ever hit store shelves. 

In one of the few moments of publicity this game has seen over the past few months, Rockstar has opted to reveal the game’s box art through a progressive mural painted across the street from a bar in Manhattan. While not much of the image is readily apparent, we can gather that the game will stay traditional in terms of its box art. Much of the mural is currently covered by scaffolding, rendering only the lower half of the image seeable. 

The mural should be finished by the end of next month. In our opinion, it seems like this is just an awesome excuse to drag one publicity stunt out over the course of a few weeks, but hey – at least it’s something. The simple fact that Rockstar is going through the trouble of making their game known is enough to garner the trust of gamers regarding the title’s September 17, 2013 release date. 

gta 5 mural close up

In any case, the attempt at creativity is certainly a welcome change. The industry has been plagued with PR speak and such ever since the Playstation 4 was announced. We’re certain that as the game gets closer to release, antics like this will be around every corner, especially if you take into account the success of Grand Theft Auto IV. 

Source: Reddit