LEGO City: Undercover Introduces the Villains

Meet the guys McCain needs to take down.

The sixth – and probably last – LEGO City: Undercover “webisode” introduces us to the variety of villains Chase McCain will come up against, including his target throughout the game: the nefarious Rex Fury (who is apparently strong enough to break a pair of handcuffs). The villains are as cartoony as you'd expect, with the Italian mafia type, the Chinese martial artist, and the evil billionaire.

As the title suggests, a lot of McCain's interaction with these villains involves him going undercover. It looks like at least some of them will give him tasks to undertake to prove himself as a worthy criminal, like breaking into buildings with the use of his criminal disguise and stealing certain items (or vehicles). Giving McCain the opportunity to carry out some criminal activity probably makes the game more interesting, and feel even more like a Lego-fied Grand Theft Auto. At times you'll have to take part in a GTA-style police chase, staying away from the pursuing cops for a certain amount of time.

McCain even gets to impress Natalia while in disguise, by flying a helicopter, though whether she'll be as impressed when she sees the helicopter fly off by itself because he forgot to turn off the engine is another question.

These webisodes have already introduced us to Chase McCain, Chief Dunby, Frank Honey, and Ellie Phillips. The game launched on March 18 in North America, but in PAL regions has only been available for a couple of days. Have you picked up a copy?