LEGO City: Undercover Introduces Natalia Kowalski

Lego City’s very own damsel in distress.

LEGO City: Undercover has its very own damsel in distress, and her name is Natalia Kowalski. That may not have always been her name, however, as she vents at Chase McCain about having to change her identity, apparently because of him. She even, distressingly, had to change the colour of her hair, which is clearly a bit of an issue for her.

“You weren't a blonde before?” McCain quips, causing her to storm off. Natural blonde or not, Natalia seems to be something of a love interest for McCain, though she doesn't seem to return his affections, at least at first. Perhaps all that will change, however, when she calls him up on his Police device (i.e. the GamePad) to ask for his help. She is apparently searching for her dad in the office of one of the city's crime bosses, which is probably not the best idea.

And then, in true damsel in distress fashion, Natalia gets herself in the kind of situation that means she has to sit tight and wait for McCain to rescue her: dangling from a crane. “Stay out of trouble,” McCain suggests when she's back in the safety of her pink car, which she then reverses into his Police one. We even get to see her flutter her Lego eyelashes.

LEGO City: Undercover for Wii U has been out in North America since the 18th of March, but only released in PAL regions a couple of days ago. Have you picked up a copy?