Tomb Raider Half Price on EU PlayStation Store

Get Tomb Raider for half the RRP.

It's Easter tomorrow (or – if you don't celebrate Easter – just Sunday), and Sony has revealed the second game to be discounted on the EU PlayStation Store as part of its “Egg Hunt” sale. It's actually a decent offer, too (much better than the first offer, anyway): Tomb Raider for 29.99 (down from 59.99) or £19.99 (down from £49.99).

If you haven't played the new Tomb Raider yet, it's a very good game that debuted at the top of the UK charts and stayed there for two weeks. Lara is well-written, the combat is great, and even after you've finished there are plenty of optional tombs to explore and trinkets to find. It's definitely worth £20, even if you're not willing to pay full price. If you want it, and you're happy with a digital copy (and happy to play it on PS3), then make sure to grab the game before midday tomorrow, when the deal will end to be replaced with another.

If you don't want it, well, Sony is also running the Spring Sale from now until April 9. You can get Child of Eden for £3.99, Ghost Recon Future Soldier for £11.99, Trine 2 for £4.49, and quite a few others. Check out the blog post for the full list, which also includes one Vita title (Urban Trial Freestyle, £5.49 down from £7.99) and several for the PSP, PlayStation 2, and PSOne.

Which PlayStation game do you hope will be discounted as part of this “Egg Hunt” next?