Xbox 720 PS4 Graphics Tech Revealed In Unreal Engine 4

It’s got graphics

A trailer showing off the Unreal Engine 4 begins, rendered using an off-the-shelf Nvidia GTX 680.

Cold open on the Unreal Engine 4 Logo. A flying vehicle floats into frame inside a lengthy industrial corridor. There are sparks. This is a place where manufacturing takes place. Is it for warfare? The music suggest this, with booming brass bass and dramatic violin work.

The vehicle levitates along an electric surface, it’s followed by several of the same. It’s passed by a much faster vehicle unconstrained by the needs of a platform to levitate atop. The faster, sleeker designed vehicle zooms up a large funnel that doesn’t serve an apparent purpose. The driver dips right back down to floor level as if they had just been showing off their piloting skills.

It passes a small gathering of soldiers running and holding rifles. They promptly leave the frame. Machinery still keeps moving along the production line and flying vechicles whizz past. More soldiers now, 6 this time. One of them breaks away from the group to investigate something they’ve seen. They’re cautious in their approach. They should be. A young man with dreadlocks is hding behind a shield that’s making him invisible. The guard approaches further and the dreadlocked man reaches for his knife in case he’s spotted.

Water drips onto the holographic shield. The soldier’s no longer convinced it’s his imagination. Dread-man slams the knife into the soldier’s neck. Suddenly, out of no where, he hears a commotion and runs at full pace from it. He can’t jump down from the catwalk he’s on and soldiers are now firing at him. He runs. He jumps across to the aforementioned funnel and the time slows down as he covers this impossible distance. He lands on a car and starts firing back at the soldiers, killing a few, but not before one can report in. Command shuts down the funnel’s rotating platforms and starts chucking robots off the top that explode! What will Dread-man do? He jumps away from the explosion is what he does.

Dread-man grabs a ladder and climbs it. Jump cut to a statue of a woman. We’re outside. Dread-man crawls out from a manhole in the ground. We’re in a city now.

Now there’s a massive spider robot after him! It can float! it’s got gatling guns for legs! It’s shooting him and he’s running away! He hides behind cover! Spider-Thing runs out of ammo and Dread-man attaches something to his gun, rolls out of cover and fires it!

The payload makes contact with the robot and the Unreal logo appears again as it makes contact.

Video games are art.