Kojima Explains The Phantom Pain’s Marketing

Geoff Keighley conducts a magical interview with the designer

The Phantom Pain’s oddity is all behind us. The game was revealed to actually be Metal Gear Solid V, with the other Metal Gear title “Ground Zeroes” acting as the Prologue and Phantom Pain as the game’s main meat.

Geoff Keighley was able to sprinkle a little elven magic around and managed to get an interview with Mr.Kojima himself in an attempt to clear up any of the loose ends still lingering. 

Starting the interview wearing a “Joakim Mogren” mask, posing as the supposed developer of the game until we were clear on the specifics, he would go on to reveal that initially he wanted to conduct the first interview himself wearing the prosthetic, but as he was far too busy in his schedule to do so they hired someone to pose as Joakim instead. The actor was not made in CGI or rendered in the Fox Engine, he is a real human.

The team conducted this massive misdirect to make the conversation interesting and abuzz with interest. He thanked anyone who played along despite clearly knowing what the trailer was actually for.

Secondly, the team wanted to see if people would be interested in a game that was running on the Fox Engine even if they couldn’t be sure what it actually was. 

He also explained that David Hayter’s departure is real (or as real as we can assume it to be knowing his tactics for misdirection) but he’s not ready to announce who will be replacing him yet.

You can see the rest of the interview on the gametrailers website.