Poker Night At The Inventory Sequel News Leaks

We play by Tijuana rules, no?

News of a sequel to Telltale’s character-based dialogue-heavy poker game, Poker Night At The Inventory, has leaked out ahead of schedule. The game was supposed to be a surprise reveal that would emerge at the end of a their “Key Party” website marketing push. The page showed a bowl gradually being filled with items that showed off the presence of a character, without talking about where they’d appear.

Screenshots leaked out of the Xbox website ahead of schedule, when they were supposed to be properly announced on April 1st.

The roster for this version takes characters from a variety of sources. The characters that’ll be involved in the ongoing game of power are as follows:

  • Sam (Sam and Max)
  • Brock Samson (The Venture Bros)
  • Ash Campbell (Evil Dead)
  • Claptrap (Borderlands)

Also attending will be Borderlands’ Mad Moxxi and Portal’s Glados, the extents of their roles haven’t been confirmed, but they aren’t active participants in the card game.

The interplay between the characters will hopefully be very strong and measure up to that of the past game. It’s a wide range of personalities and a wide range of media. Poker Night was never really much about the game that was being played, more the dialogue that occurred during hands. That’s not something that’s likely to be in short supply here.

We can only confirm for certain that this game will be arriving on Xbox, but it’s probably very likely to also see a PC release too. No confirmation on the time of release either.