Here’s A New Watch Dogs Trailer

It’s some stuff we’ve already seen, but it’s a bit different!

If you aren’t gritting your teeth waiting for the release of Watch Dogs, collecting every little drip of information that comes from Ubisoft, you’re showing an impeccable amount of restraint. Well done. If you’re searching stuff out, which you clearly are because you’re here looking at this; it’s okay, you’re not alone. Here’s a new gameplay trailer:

Mostly this video shows off what we saw during the game’s E3 appearance, but gives greater context of to the events. It better informs the fiction behind why the titular character is able to do the fantastical cyber crimes he takes advantage of in order to ease his ability to do regular non-cyber crimes. 

We saw that he’s able to hack bank accounts and then withdraw that money from ATMs, as well as using police software that predicts the likelihood of someone’s distress using their online information, then attempts to save this person from the hands of an attacker.

The coolest part is how the HUD message of your new activity is justified in-world as a message that would be given to police officers as the target flees.

Most importantly, this teases some more context to the hidden multiplayer component that’s not being talked up heavily yet. That mechanic holds some of the most exciting potential gameplay elements in the entire game and yet news of it’s being held very close to the developer’s chest.

We’re excited for Watch Dogs and are desperate to learn more about those multiplayer components. Hopefully we’ll know more before the release late this year.