Skullgirls Campaign Reaches $600,000, Third Character Funded

Skullgirls reveals concept sketches and playstyles of all potential DLC characters.

With about 53 hours to go, Lab Zero Games' indiegogo campaign for funding Skullgirls' DLC characters sits at $610,000. Upon reaching their final character milestone of $600k, Lab Zero Games has released concept sketches and preliminary playstyles for all 32 potential DLC characters. When their campaign ends on March 27th, Lab Zero Games will directly send emails to every person that has contributed to Skullgirls and will poll their supporters on their preferred characters. Anyone that has donated at least $1 before March 27th will be eligible to vote on the 3rd DLC character.

Lab Zero Games has had immense success with their indiegogo campaign. Within 24 hours, the campaign managed to reach its first goal of $150k, funding the first DLC character, Squigly the opera singer. A few weeks later the campaign reached its second milestone of $375k, allowing them to work on Big Band, Skullgirls’ first male fighter.

The potential DLC characters are incredibly varied in their designs, playstyles, and (most likely) importance to the story. It’s hard to imagine that a restaurateur would be just as important to the story as Marie, the current Skullgirl, but if Lab Zero’s campaign reaches $625k, they’ll also be creating a stage and story mode for this mystery DLC character as well! So who knows? If the character voted in is unimportant to the main storyline, maybe we’ll get to see an entertaining tangent story of their own.