Ecco The Dolphin Team Want To Kickstart ‘Big Blue’

Be a fish! Swim in an ocean!

There’s not really a game like Ecco The Dolphin. It’s a serene bliss informing a unique take on a sidescrolling adventure. It’s good, then, that the team from the original game are now accepting crowdfunding donations via the website Kickstarter to produce their next project Big Blue.

Much like Ecco it’s also set in the water, but you aren’t limited to playing a dolphin. They’ve teased that in some way you’ll control all of the ocean’s creatures (some of them in a massive swarm), including some that don’t exist now but they’ll have designed to feel fitting after the million years of evolution from now until the game supposedly takes place. Not all of them will play the same, some will be able to break sea-level like dolphins, but others won’t.

The music’s going to be provided by Spencer Nilsen and Bear McCreary, but it’s going to be informed by a dynamic system that will alter it as you play.

The team are asking for $665,000 to get this done and have over a month left. If they recieve that amount and an extra 50% they’ll add multiplayer. If the game doubles that amount they’ll turn it into an EVE Online sized MMO. That’s quite a statement and a challenge.

If all goes to plan, they’ve suggested that the game will be out in April of next year for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android (including the OUYA).

If you’re interested in experiencing more immediately, they’ve offered a prototype you can check out here.

This is weird. This is great. We hope this pitch pays off.