Capcom Requesting Community Feedback for Next Street Fighter 4 Update

Announced during PAX East, Capcom is asking for feedback regarding character balance for their next Super Street Fighter 4 update.

Super Street Fighter 4

During their panel at PAX East, Capcom announced that they were working on an update to their flagship fighter Super Street Fighter 4. Recent Capcom employee and fighting community rock star, Peter “ComboFiend” Rosas, has requested character balance feedback from fans at Capcom-Unity. Over on their forums, they are opening threads on ten characters a week. This week’s characters include Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Bison, Guile, Balrog, E. Honda, Sakura, Dudley, and Makoto.

Street Fighter 4 has had several updates since its original release in 2009. In 2010, Super Street Fighter 4 added ten characters to the roster while tweaking the balance of the original 25. Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition was released in 2011, adding four characters and, again, balancing the previously released characters (though many disgruntled fans found that the balancing favored one of the four newly added characters, Street Fighter 3’s Yun). Capcom responded to complaints in 2012 by releasing Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012, which was a free character balance patch. It is lauded as one of Capcom’s best efforts in equalizing the character playing field. The newly announced update does not have an estimated release date yet.

If you’ve felt that your favorite character in SSF4 has always had an unfair disadvantage in a majority of his or her match ups, now’s your chance to be heard! This week’s ten characters close on Thursday, so if you have anything to say about those fighters (Dudley players should be rushing over there ASAP), head on over to the Capcom-Unity forums.