Battlefield 4 Teasers Showcase Land, Air and Sea

War will be waged on air, land and sea.

Battlefield 4 aircraft carrier

DICE and Electronic Arts have confirmed that they will reveal Battlefield 4 on March 27. Following yesterday's teaser of a submarine and its propellers, the developers have since released teasers for a tank and an airplane, the latter of which just went online. All three teasers are followed by the words "prepare 4 battle".

The teasers are a part of a much larger trailer which is set for release later this month when the studio makes its full announcement of the game, which will hopefully include actual gameplay footage and solid details beyond offering that it'll offer air, see and land vehicles.

Watch all three trailers below.

The inclusion of the submarine implies that the game will offer sea units, which haven't been a major focus in the Battlefield titles in recent years outside of amphibious APCs and gunboats.

In addition to the three trailers, the studio has also put out a grainy looking image of what appears to be an aircraft carrier on fire. You can see that above the fold.

Although EA has yet to confirm release plans, the game is expected to be released on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's unnamed next-gen platform this holiday season.