Debunking the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Hoax

There is no such thing as Modern Warfare 4.

Modern Warfare 4

A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 trailer has been making the rounds this week, bearing an air of legitimacy with the inclusion of publisher and studio logos, a "leaked" poster (seen below)—all of which are backed by a domain that once featured a countdown and now showcases the trailer, which purports to be an "Official" Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 trailer.

modern warfare 4 hoax poster

As I reported yesterday, the video itself is uploaded by an account named ZeroFourTwoOne, a name very similar to former Infinity Ward PR guy FourZeroTwo.

Further lending the trailer its authenticity is how the site's profile offers its meta description as "Call of Duty: Official Countdown" and uses the following keywords: "call of duty, activision, modern warfare, teaser trailer, infinity ward, sledgehammer games, neversoft, 2013 march 21, countdown, mw4"

In any case, reddit's Call of Duty community has been quick to call it out as a hoax with a user named zVerge posting a series of observations about the site. The sleuth discovered that the site was registered by a "James Corney", whose nickname "jamescor" was discovered in the source code of the site's HTML. James Corney isn't the name of anyone who works at Activision, as there's no information about any such person in any of its games, nor on LinkedIn.

It's a fairly complicated hoax, and "James Corney" even appears to have a Facebook account. Unfortunately for the hoaxer, it's also linked to a second account, which shares the same geolocation, screen and address as the fake Facebook account. Both of them can be seen below.

mw 4 hoax

mw4 hoax

Beyond that, the domain is registered in Ukraine. There's little chance that Activision or Infinity Ward would ever do that.

If you're waiting for a Call of Duty movie, you could just watch Olympus Has Fallen. It's close enough.