Sweatshop HD Pulled From Apple’s App Store

App Store says it was "uncomfortable" selling a game about a sweatshop

Sweatshop HD

Games can be both fun, and educational. They could contain tough issues or subjects, but can completely subvert them in order to incorporate a message. In the case of Sweatshop HD, players can enjoy the "fun" of running a sweatshop, but will also "think about the origin of the clothes we buy."

However, apparently there is a thin line when it comes to serious issues because it was announced today that the game was removed from the iOS App Store because somebody was "uncomfortable selling a game based around the theme of running a sweatshop".

On the surface, the game could seem offensive. Players ran a sweatshop in a tower defense-like scenario putting together hats. The trick here is that in order to keep the costs down, players have to hire cheap laborers, and basically ignore basic human rights.

The game features 30 levels, and is always introducing new mechanics such as different kinds of workers, and real sweatshop problems such as fires.

According to PocketGamer, Littleloud, the studio behind the game, appealed Apple's decision by clarifying "that Sweatshop is a work of fiction and was created with the fact-checking input of charity Labor Behind the Label, and to emphasise that the game doesn't force players to play the game in one way or another. Rather, Sweatshop is a sympathetic examination of the pressures that all participants in the sweatshop system endure."

The game has not be reinstated to the Apple store despite this claim. Gamers can still check out the free Flash version of the game.

Was Apple right in their decision to remove the game from the store? Sound off in the comments below.