Quantic Dream Confirm They’re Developing for PS4

Looking past Beyond: Two Souls Quantic Dream sets its sights on PS4.

Quantic Dreams' Guillaume de Fondaumiere has revealed at an event in their Paris headquarters that the studio is at work on a PlayStation 4 game following the company's tech demo at the console's reveal in February Eurogamer reports. 

"Innovation is part of our DNA," de Fondaumiere said, "we've never duplicated ourselves. We never clone ourselves or other people's projects; we always try to create unique experiences. 

"For us, a new console is another reason to try and innovate," he added. "What is certain is that whatever we're working on on PS4 is not going to resemble what we're doing on PS3… We're going to try and reinvent ourselves."

De Fondaumiere went on describe the PS4 as "incomperable" to the PS3 and said the system is "very easy" to develop for. 

"We'll be able to express ourselves in a more straightforward way. So it's perfect, it's excellent," he enthused. However, de Fondaumiere said the studio's upcoming Beyond: Two Souls will remain a PS3 title and "so far" it isn't a cross-gen game. 

Speaking about Beyond de Fondaumiere said "we don't think (PlayStation) Move is necessary. We can do everything we need to do with the Dualshock controller. The same applies to 3D. First of all, very few people have a 3D TV. Second, we really are pushing the PS3 to its last resorts. We are at the frontier. It would be impossible to keep the same quality and have it rendered in 3D," he finished.

Separately de Fondaumiere revealed that Quantic Dream "categorically refused" any game packaging for Beyond which featured the game's protagonist, Jodie, equipped with a gun.  The studio also released an eight minute gameplay video today.

Beyond: Two Souls currently has an October 8th release date while the PS4 is expected to be launched during 'Holiday 2013'.