Steam Spring Sale Brings Big Discounts to Indie Games

100 indie titles have their prices slashed in Steam’s Indie Spring Sale.

A Steam sale for indie games has been launched on Valve's client today and features 100 games with discounts ranging from 25 percent to 75 percent. 

The Indie Spring Sale features classic titles including Castle Crashers, FTL, The Binding of Isaac and Legends of Grimrock and runs from today until March 29th. Many of the titles, such as Braid, are Independant Games Festival finalists or winners while 13 of the games included in the sale are to be featured at PAX East this weekend. 

Separately Steam is currently also offering a Double Fine & Capy bundle featuring seven games, including Brutal Legend, Stacking and Costume Quest for $32. 

Yesterday Valve announced the launch of Steam Early Access, a program which allows participants to purchase and play games before their final release and provide feedback to developers on the production of the titles involved in the program.